New Addition

Pharrell is a beautiful lean male dog brought into the Golden Ark.  He came in so beat down, he looked as though he was as low as he could go, even his tail hung really low.  He now wags his tail and holds his head up high as he knows he is loved.  He welcomes loving hands and greets us with a tail wag and licks our hand in thanks.

Three little kittens came in one rainy night in April from the GLT and they had no mama and were so hungry.  They are so adorable and sweet.  We have Christine, Adam and Blake, from the Voice.  These little ones are doing really well and with lots of love and attention from the Golden Ark Staff, they are full of themselves & have so much confidence.  They lack for nothing.

We also have a Rottweiler, named Thadeous.  This little guy is so precious and loving.  He is going to be a great catch for one lucky guy or gal.  He has all the looks and personality to be one of those once in a lifetime pets.

We also have a fiest, appropriately named, Mary as she is quite the Nun.  She speaks her say now and then and then holds her tongue until the next time she has something important to say.  This little girl is again a wonderful catch for some sweet deserving person.  She will delight you and fill you up with love.  Do not let this one get away!

Pretty Girl is a black lab mix, hit by a car one night in the rain.  She suffered really severe injuries to her head, and although in pain, never showed any type of aggression toward anyone.  She is partially blind, but this dog given the right owner again will thrive and make an awesome pet.  If you have a big heart and some patience, this might be your lucky day.



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